"societally we can't seem to grasp the idea that even if a woman's body attracts attention, it's NOT an open invitation"

Tattooed women's experiences of nonconsensual touching, grabbing and commentary demonstrate how societally we can't seem...
Posted by Stuff Mom Never Told You on Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Woman posts on problems women with tattoos face with inappropriate attention, comments, and touching. Of course, women without tattoos face the same problems. But what drew my attention to her video was her claim that this has to do with a problem WE have SOCIETALLY.  I don't have a problem like that even though I consider myself part of society.

The term my daughters use for people that do have problems like that is "creepers". I like that term better than "creeps" because it identifies them by what they do in a specific situation rather than assuming to know what they "are". If a guy who "generally means well" is creeping, then he's a creeper. You don't need to know his backstory. I don't think any creepers will be turned around by this video. Some people might get new ideas for creeping from this video, though.

But back to the question of "we as a society". I think some people use the word "society" when they are actually referring to "the real world". Because if Society is bad in some way, it's on them (somebody) to fix it. But if it is the Real World that is discomfiting us then WE are the ones who need to adjust (either our behavior or our attitudes about what follows after we make our choices). We don't like to adjust.

Society is supposed to be nurturing and accommodating. The Real World is harsh, unforgiving, and doesn't care about our preferences, nor do we expect it to.


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