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Old-Style Books vs Ebooks

The following are the features of old-style (OS) paper volumes that make them superior to e-books:
Look good and they encourage browsing. They offer a window into the interests of the owner. If you come to my house and don't carefully peruse my library (let alone fail to even mention it), I won't say anything, but, quietly, I'll judge you. I'd feel like a weirdo showing off my Kindle library.

Practically immune to data rot (that is, the inability to access information because the equipment to access it it is lost...for example try to play your old 45pm records...try to access the data on a 3.5 floppy).

Robust hardware. You can drop an OS volume, step on it, let it get dusty. It doesn't care. Heat, cold, sunlight, careless reading will shorten its life but any volume accepts more abuse than e-readers. With care, even a pulp paperback might last over a century. Upscale ones with good binding and acid-free paper last longer. The books printed on sheephide are still acces…